What happened to the evil Abu Ghraib torture military soldiers?


I watched “The Unknown Known” (came to theaters in Germany July 3rd 2014, which is highly recommended) with unrepentant Donald Rumsfeld and asked myself, if the press and anybody was observing what happened to the soldiers in Abu Ghraib? These really cold-hearted people, who tortured several Iraqi prisoners in Baghdad. Even the documentary “Standard Operating Procedure” is from 2008 and I did not find anything about the current state of the military rules and especially the dishonorably discharged soldiers. The movie “Boys of Abhu Graib” from March 2014 is a complete fiction story that does not explain anything at all. The the documentary “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” from 2007 explores it quite deeply (you can watch it HERE). No high ranking official has been held accountable for the torture.

The really weird thing is, that they all got the job in Abu Ghraib without ever been instructed on how to interrogate prisoners and which special laws they had to abide by. Sabrina Harman said that she did not ever hear of the official rules about prisoner treatment (i.e. humanitarian laws of war): UN Convention against Torture, the Geneva Convention. The soldiers there were all not trained in internment and resettlement. WHO GAVE THE ADVICE TO SEND THEM THERE? Probably it was completely intentional, knowing almost for sure what was going to happen.

Well, soldiers found on the photographs taken, were discharged from the Army. Lynndie England got suspended, but I did not find a lot about where she is now and if she has a new job. She had or maybe still has a seasonal job as secretary. Where? Staying with friends in Mineral County, West Virginia. I did not even find what she was sentenced. She got out of prison near San Diego after not even half her sentence (after 521 days). And who will give her a job? Even when she is taking antidepressants and found a psychiatrist who wrote her an expertise as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety – who has pity with her? No American might have pity with the prisoners, are you? She was 20 and in love with another soldier, Charles Garner (then 35 years old) who influenced her doing these photographs and with whom she has a son. So, it seems quite well for her now.

Charles Graner got Lynndie England pregnant while in Iraq (they had fun torturing others while having sexual lust the same time) but in April 2005 he married Megan Ambuhl. Upon his release from prison after serving six and one half years of a ten-year sentence, Graner and his wife have declined interview requests. He will remain on parole until December 2014.

Megan Ambuhl married Garner. It seems like they had a lot, a hell of a lot fun in Abu Ghraib – humiliating and laughing at prisoners and having sex all the while. She also gave injections to prisoners using them as guinea pigs.She “only” got suspended from the Army. Since then she is publicly pleading for her husband Garner.

Sabrina Harmann said she felt, that it is not good what they were doing to the prisoners. But even if so, she did it. I don’t know where she is now and what she is doing. If you heard or read something, please, don’t hesitate to post it here.

Ivan Frederick was sentenced 8 years and got out of prison after about 3 years.

So my question is: why didn’t they tell the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Justice, or anybody outside that they can’t take it anymore in there? Why were they sent there anyway?  Why did they do something like hardest psychological and physical torture at all? Not knowing whom they are torturing! Not knowing how to inquire at all? Thinking that torturing the thousands of people in prison, minimum 71 of them really hard – even to death – would help the country of the United States to live free of terrorism? They did it to help the President of the United States George W.Bush (and Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld among so many others) so that the prisoners are broke, so they can’t do any harm (if at all or again) to the American citizens?

10 years after the (public) tortures (who knows other known unknown…) Salah Hassan, an AlJazeera journalist, speaks out loud: on May 5, 2014 the newest interviews and statements about the tortures in Abu Ghraib are on Democracy Now in a 52 minutes film HERE. He is also suing the U.S. Contractor CACI (provides Information Technologies for intelligence and defense)

Why do human beings turn evil? You can watch the interview with the Psychologist Philip Zimbardo on this Landmark Stanford Prison Experiment, Abu Ghraib and more HERE

Philip Zimbardo wrote a book called “The Lucifer Effect” and there is a movie in production, too.




PORN IS BETTER THAN SEX – “DON JON” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2013) film review


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has written and directed his first feature movie. Said to be Comedy, Drama, Romance – well, it has porn, sex and maybe the real love in it. But even more important: feelings.

It is more a character study of a lonely young man, who is porn addicted, just like most young men nowadays. The interesting thing is, that Gordon-Levitt plays this role himself and really finds the perfect hot sexy girl (little overrated, but still a really good catch for the not that realistic written character: Scarlett Johansson). She wants a perfect guy, she wants to control him, even train him – with sexiness just as a woman these days has to be – and that is all that he wants, for he wants a perfect object for himself.

After all porn is always better than even the great sex with the perfect sexy Scarlett. So the young guy thinks porn is the answer to everything of a good free feeling, sex is more a habit and love is something no one quite cares about.

It is not a Romance, not a Romantic Comedy, not a Drama-Drama, because they brake up after he lied about not watching Porn anymore. There is no romance. They split and won’t get back together, just like in real life when you notice that there is no connection at all – besides lies and sex.
He finds Juliette Moore, a pot-smoking, a little bit neurotic but quite sage widow. First completely averse to her, he finds himself in her car “making love” to her. She gets him more and more into his own thinking until he realizes, that porn is not the real thing in life.

Sex can be fulfilled with feelings.
Sex CAN be connected with LOVE. There can be LOVE.

Maybe from a guy’s point of view, this is a Love Story. He finds the “real” girl, he can have sex with and love her. Means: accept her as a human being rather than an every-touch-moaning object that he watches on screen on down-under close-ups. Maybe this is LOVE for a guy. To let himself fall in sex, forget about himself, feel the partner, accept the partner and the live situation.

The movie shows three characters in their SEX/LOVE behaviors and point of views and especially a guy, who finally learns the difference between and connection of BODY/SOUL. Don Jon will give you some idea what true emotional intimacy or a loving, sexual relationship is all about.

WHAT DEFINES A ‘REAL’ RELATIONSHIP? – Spike Jonze “her” (2013) Film review


This movie came to theaters in Germany in March 27 2014.

Spike Jonze won a Golden Globe and the Academy Award 2014 for Best Screenplay. Yes, he is narrating an interesting fresh Sci-Fi story about relationship and love and sex. There is a lonely writer, Joaquin Phoenix, living in a future Los Angeles. He writes emotional letters for his clients, but in the end, he doesn’t really know what to do with himself – after having his divorce with his long-time friend and wife (almost unrecognizable: Rooney Mara).

He buys a new OS for all his devices, which can communicate in all situations: he chooses the OS to be a nice women – and so it starts, that almost the whole movie this OS voice is talking Off-Screen – letting it be Scarlett Johansson herself. So – of course – he falls in love with “her” and they go together, meet friends and all, she sitting in his breast pocket watching through the mobile camera.

In the end, there is actually nothing really to tell. They try having sex through a random girl, but he cannot connect. Even Amy Adams as good friend is not really important there. Spike Jonze had to cut the movie of almost 3 hours down to 126 minutes (still way too long) with Steven Soderbergh helping him doing this in only 24 hours. Maybe it is the fast, casual end, too, that doesn’t give any satisfaction of this storytelling. Everybody gets left alone again. No human connection, no sex. “Her” is just gone with all the other OS’s – hell knows where.

The movie doesn’t lead to feelings, relationship-things nor to any human connection for Joaquin Phoenix. So he turned to a fake relationship and that didn’t work out at all. He does not change at the end, and you actually don’t really care. For “she” is gone (learned love) and “he” is lonely again (learned maybe a bit of relationship). The question though is: What do you need for a “real” relationship? Is it a human body? Or the emotional connection? Unfortunately, this movie was full of missed opportunities and leaves you out alone. Maybe that is what Spike Jonze wants us to feel…

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION? Why we got New World Order – “INEQUALITY FOR ALL” Jacob Kornbluth review(2013)


The documentary by Jacob Kornbluth won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 (“With clarity, humor and heart, this timely film reveals the underpinnings of an urgent threat to American democracy. “)

Here is a summary of what has happened to democracy in the last years in the United States (and surely to other countries, still and too), explained and narrated from former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich:

              We are the 1%

The One Percent in the U.S. earns at least $380,000 per year, whereas $30,000 to $60,000 is the actual average.

As long as the gas tank is full and enough food on the table it might look alright, but the rich people with about $10 million per year get so much return, they just cannot spend it. There will not be enough spending for all people to be equal. The income becomes more and more concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.


Just like in 1928/29 after the “Great Crash” and “Great Depression” and almost exactly just like the “Great Recession” in 2007/08, the wealthy turned to the financial sector. This one bloomed and focused on a limited number of assets (housing, gold, speculative instruments etc.). The middle class had stagnating incomes, while the financial bubble was getting bigger and going deeper into debt, so the wealthy could maintain their living standards.

-> Debt bubble, economic instability, struggling middle class.

The middle class is the center of the economics. Prosperity is investments by the middle class people.
There is no effectively free market. The government sets the rules and constructs a “free” market.
But who does the government hurt and who does benefit from these rules?

“Rich” is not a “Job Creator”, it is privilege and power.

Productivity was growing again, but average earning is not rising since the 70’s anymore: something happened in the late 1970’s, folks: technological revolution, more powerful and deregulate economic markets… labor unions were declining almost exactly as the share of the middle income. The real household debt was increasing rapidly, whilst the income didn’t at all.


Wages have gone nowhere for 30 years – for just than inflation – and are exhausted.

From the mid 60’s on women started to work more and more, to the “Nine to Five”. Men and Women worked both now, also because the wages were sinking.
They had to work even more, when the housing prices raise form the mid-to –late-90’s onwards.
-> “I take a loan against my home, I can refinance my home” – that kept the middle class going
-> Debt bubble, trying to maintain the living standards.
-> Debt hole. 2008 it bursts.


Globalization & Technology –
it goes from obscurity to meaninglessness without any intervening period of coherence.

Wages are stagnating since the 70’s and the costs are rising: housing, healthcare, childcare, higher education – rising faster than inflation. 42% of the kids born in poverty in the U.S. will not get out of it (in Denmark it’s 25%, in Great Britain 30%). Just to name a few examples for average wages:

Job Average wage per year in 2010
Cashier $20,230
Short Order Cook $21,280
Taxi Driver $25,120
Preschool Teacher $30,150
Personal Care Worker $20,520
Meat Packer 1970s: $40,599 2010: $24,190
Bank Teller 1970s: $27,920 2010: $24,100

So then, in 1981, Ronald Reagan fired Air Traffic Controllers, there where major assaults to unions, employers fought to bust unions. They thought they have to- in order to maintain their competitiveness.

Between 1997 and 2007 most people were doing well, particularly in inequality.
Finance was the fastest growing part in economic. People thought:
-> “The government is bad, the market is good.”

But the worries about the undermining of democracy were and are rising:

With money comes the capacity to control politics – LOBBYISTS
“We can help you with the next election, when you cooperate with us. – There’s a guy in every office!”


They are there for you, but what for? Access!
Blame (it’s just a file, it’s not that they are the only rich): People abuse their wealth by lobbying for bailouts, subsidies, and taxes etc. that are going to entrench their wealth. That’s the reason the rules changed so dramatically.

Inequality and top tax rates have had an inverse relationship.

Taxes on the top were never below 70%.
Until Reagan dropped those taxes on the top – to barely 28% (Bush & Obama to around 35%)
But most of the rich have their income in form of capital games, so they only pay about 15%
33% is the average as a married couple in the 30ies.
13.9% paid Mitt Romney in 2012, with a $86 million income it’s about 17.7%, with $10-30 million it’s around 11%.

When you give rich people tax breaks, all in the name of job creation, all that really happens is that the fat cats get fatter – that’s what happened over the last 30 years.


There is less revenue sharing for the states, because the people cannot pay more taxes any longer. So the funding of the states has to be cut out and tuition and fees for (not only) higher education go up.

Berkeley College in the 60’s had no tuition fee, in the 70’s it was a (today’s) $700 per year and now it is $15,000 for in-State residents!


2012 came Obama’s Buffett Rule: if you make more than $1 million, you should pay at least the same in taxes as middle class families (at least 30%).
-> Suddenly the “Center” moves to the right and calls Obama and Robert Reich & Alan Simpson a “Communist//Socialist”, “modern,” “Leftie” “Commie”
That’s a correlation: the highest degree of political polarization in and of the House of Representatives.

People with a lot of money can inundate the democracy with their money.


The quantity of money is new. You can actually buy a President…
If Congress and if the Executive doesn’t know how to get this straight – the ultimate guardians are up in the Supreme Court…

The contrasts between the values we share and the reality we live in is the fundamental foundation for social change:

Society is pulling apart, looking for someone to blame (e.g. Muslims), losing the moral foundation stone, the undermined democracy.

 -> Tea Party

-> Occupy Movement



It does not matter from which country you are or if you call yourself liberal or republican or whatever:

In which countries the workers make what value for building an iPhone?
Little over 700 people vote at the lecture:


The iPhone is assembled in China, but the pieces are from elsewhere around the world.


It does not matter from which country YOU are.

If politics is not out there, it starts right here!


Are you ready to take action?