INFIDEL SHAMBLES – “BLUE JASMINE” Woody Allen (2013) film review


It is Woody Allen’s 48th film as a director and after winning 4 Academy Awards, it is my question what he can possibly do new in his stories? He still has the creative look over life! And this time it is amazing (Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama – Golden Globe 2014 winning AND Academy Award winning) Cate Blanchett as a neurotic, Benzodiazepine-addicted, Prozac, Litihum and electroshocked but inexplicable proud woman who takes this whole movie onto her side – not to forget the crazy vivid “sister” Sally Hawkins. The actors are always good, it is more the characters written in this story of movie that make no conclusion of what should or is being told here. Alec Baldwin and Peter Sarsgaard are almost not there among others. The story is mostly confusing with flashbacks, even Cate Blanchett’s character might not put her finger on it or even herself; she can’t even handle a Personal Computer in order do go become a interiror designer over an internet-course.

And that might be exactly what old Woody Allen wants us to find – or not to find – in this  new-old piece of urban America: class, gender and corporate criminality, rigid panicking in this post-economic world.


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