“THE BEAVER” by Jodie Foster (2011) film review


This is a very boring film, which lives only from the good performance by Mel Gibson. Director Judie Foster as his wife is pretty cool in showing emotions, so there is not much empathy for her calculating character. The subject in the end is the self-flagellation of a depressive man, who becomes active and happy when he talks over the hand-puppet “the Beaver”. Mel Gibson plays it wonderful: the spiritless Walter and the Cockney-accented voice of the tireless beaver. But this is like a clinical observation of a multiple personality disorder. The script by first-timer Kyle Killen is very weird and lengthy. It could have been a short film. The second story, loosely in between, is about the son (Zachary Booth) and his not-yet girlfriend (Jennifer Lawrence).

What is this story about? A deeply odd feel bad movie with a little bit of humbleness in the characters without fine emotions.


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